La Palma although small does offer tourists a number of different resorts to stay in when visiting the Island. As with many of the Canary Islands each resort will offer something slightly different to the other but you will always find a selection of Bars and Restaurants within each.


Barlovento is located at the northern part of the island and you will find it surrounded by green fields which is not that common within the Canary Islands.

The resort is quite calm and can be classed as rural. Not really known for it’s big nightlife Barlovento would better suit people looking for the quiet get away with a very relaxed atmosphere. Through the day you will find the area is ideal for walking or you can stay within the town and visit the many local bars and restaurants.

Brena Baja

Brena Baja can be found on the east coast of La Palma and similar to Barlovento you will find many green areas and large hills which make it another ideal place for walking and hiking. Brena Baja has a small selection of the usual bars and restaurants which have not lost the Spanish charm.

Brena Baja would be best suited for a family holiday or by people who enjoy walking and seeing the real local Spanish sights rather than staying up late drinking.

Los Llanos

Los Llanos is on the west side of La Palma and is a much larger resort than the previous ones. Los Llanos offers many shops, bars, restaurants and supermarkets within a pedestrianised area of the main shopping centre.

Los Llanos has a old and new part of the resort but unlike many others the old part of Los Llanos is surrounded by the new more modern part. Although it does have many shopping centres bars and restaurants you can still explore the surrounding area by car, bike or foot.

Playa de Los Cancajos

Playa de Los Cancajos is on the east side of La Palma and is the tourist capital of the Island. Playa de Los Cancajos offers a very good selection of bars and restaurants including many night clubs for those wanting to stay up a bit longer.

The beach at Playa de Los Cancajos is also known to be one of the best beaches on the Island and ideal for kids. Many other beaches in La Palma can have very large waves and swells but with it’s protection the beach at Playa de Los Cancajos is ideal for the younger people or people who are not as confident at swimming.

They are many different attractions within Playa de Los Cancajos such as horse riding, mountain biking and of course an array of water sports.

Playa de Los Cancajos is a good destination for everyone offering the best of everything.

Puerto Naos

Puerto Naos is on the west of La Palma and is quite a small tourist destination. Puerto Naos is becoming known as the ‘beach place’ with it’s large black sand beach.

Within Puerto Naos you will find the usual selection of bars and restaurants and quite a bit for kids including an amusement arcade. Close by to Puerto Naos you will find some good areas for surfers and other water sport related activities due to the large swells and waves.

Santa Cruz de La Palma

Santa Cruz de La Palma is on the east side of the Island and is the capital. Being the capital of the island you will of course find everything you would expect including bars, restaurants, shipping port and of course Museums.

Santa Cruz de La Palma has some very good shopping for clothes and arts / crafts along with many local restaurants serving typical Spanish food and drink.

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