Tenerife is one of the most popular tourist destinations within the Canary Islands and is also the largest island the canaries has to offer. There are a number of large and small resorts on the island, the largest and busiest is Playa de Las Americas which is well known for it’s night life.

Although a busy island with tourists you will still find plenty of small villages and golden beaches for you to choose from which will offer some wonderful sights to some top water sports.


Playa de Las Americas

For holidays that are meant to be spent with a bang, Playa de las Americas is the right destination for you. Known as the party capital of Tenerife, Playa de las Americas is a resort found in the southern coast of the island. All year long, people from all over the world who want to have a colorful and vibrant holiday come here to experience a party life that is one of a kind.

What To Expect in Playa de las Americas
One very important thing that every traveller to Playa de las Americas should know about is that this place is not meant for those who are seeking for quiet and solitude during their holiday. It is indeed a resort that caters to everyone but if you are expecting serene moments of sunbathing and quiet dinners watching the sunset, perhaps this is not the place for you. The resort is more suited for those who are looking for self-indulgence, as it is packed with live music venues, nightclubs, restaurants and shopping areas. Every night, Playa de las Americas comes alive with music from the clubs and bars, neon lights and dancing people on the street. For most of the visitors, they first come to this place before heading off to a calmer and quieter destination.

Enjoy the Perfect Holiday at this Impeccable Destination
Contrary to what most people think, a holiday in Playa de las Americas is not all about nightlife and partying. There are a lot more that you can do here, although the two should not be missed. Unlike most parts of Europe where autumn and winter are generally cold, the beaches in Playa de las Americas are warm and sun soaked, perfect for beach and water activities. You can sunbathe, take a swim at the crystal waters or if you are more adventurous, you can go scuba diving, jet-skiing and windsurfing. There are also boat excursions that will take you dolphin and whale watching.

During the daytime when you are not partying, Playa de las Americas offers a lot of activities that you can do. For golfers, you can spend your time perfecting your swings at the Golf las Americas which is found at the heart of the resort. This site has amazing views of lush greens along with lakes that take twists around the area. If you prefer a special setting, then head off to Golf del Sur. Meanwhile, various attractions await your attention at the resort which include the Thai temples, Siam Park where you can see the Meekong River, the Jungle Park and a lot more. If shopping is your thing, you can find several within the resort where you can buy designer items and souvenirs for the ones you left at home.

Since you are in Tenerife’s party capital, you should not miss out on the fun of partying while you are in Playa de las Americas which is truly one of a kind. You can find different cabaret bars, clubs, live music venues and other places where you can party all night long. If it is your first time here, the three most recommended nightlife areas are Starco Commercial Center, Veronica’s Strip and the Patch. Here you can enjoy the music and the dancing, two important things that you should do when you are in this party center.

Playa de las Americas is certainly a perfect holiday destination where loads of fun and excitement await you. If you are looking for the best place for your holiday, then this gorgeous resort is where you should go.


Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto De La Cruz is certainly one of the most visited locations on the beautiful island of Tenerife. This tourist resort is one of the most popular all across Spain and tens of thousands of people visit it every year. Besides the sandy beaches and water, tourists also prefer Puerto De La Cruz due to the events that take place here every year, such as The Water Party, the Sardine Festival or the Tenerife Airshow. Moreover, this place is also filled with culture and traditions that most tourists find fascinating.

Located in northern Tenerife, this tourist resort has plenty to offer and its beauty and history will certainly satisfy even the most demanding tourists. As a tourist, you have a variety of hotels where you can choose from, most of them being situated near the Puerto De La Cruz beach. In addition, numerous souvenir shops can be found on the streets if you are looking for something to remind you of the beautiful Canary Islands.

Before starting to pack, you need to know that Tenerife has a very mild weather, with an average temperature of 20 degrees during winter and temperatures that exceed 30 degrees during summer days. In other words, this place is ideal even for winter holidays, since the weather is not cold at all. Compared to other islands in the region, Tenerife has long, hot summers and less rain, which makes this place ideal for holidays.

While this resort is perfect for family holidays, there is no place more suitable for a honeymoon and this is why many newly weds choose this destination to spend their holidays. You can enjoy a relaxing holiday here, away from the hussle of the city. It has everything it needs for the tourists to fully enjoy the time they spend here: clean, sandy beaches, theme parks, shops, botanical gardens, luxurious hotels and Spa centers, clubs and many others.

Moreover, fine restaurants and the elegant plazas also attract many tourists. Despite the powerful external influences, this ares managed to successfully maintain the Canarian traditions throughout time and this can be seen mainly in the colonial architecture which dominates the streets and buildings in Puerto De La Cruz.

Regarding the most popular tourist attractions, one of them is Lolo Parque, where the tourists can see a variety of exotic birds and other wildlife. Besides Lolo Parque, the Playa Jardin is also famous for its black sand. More than that, this tourist resort has numerous botanical gardens where those who are interested can see thousands of exotic trees that were gathered from all around the world. Besides these tourist attractions, the city itself is an attraction and many walking tours are organized for those who want to observe the architecture and the luxuriant vegetation of this resort.

In conclusion, Puerto De La Cruz is perfect for holidays regardless of the season. The mild weather allows tourists to enjoy the water and get a nice suntan even during the winter, and the main tourist attractions can be visited any time of the year.


Los Cristianos

Los Cristianos is one of the most popular and stunning places to visit in Tenerife. It is a beautiful bay situated at the south-west corner of the island. A lot of families and young people come here every year round to get pleasure from this God-gifted oasis, and witness an amazing mixture of sea, sun, and sand. This place has distinction in many respects, from natural splendor to startlingly built resort locations. Los Cristianos possesses an interesting history, with lots of amazing features. Previously, this place was known as a fishing spot, however, over the past few years, it has transformed itself into an enchanting and most desirable holiday resorts on the Island.

One of the most amazing and thrilling aspects of this resort is that it has something for everyone. If you are someone who is looking for an authentic Canarian culture, then you need not to worry as its greatest attraction is that it has maintained its natural and original charm. For all those who want to visit a perfect and dream Tenerife resort, then there is no need for you to look beyond Los Cristianos. It offers so much for all the visitors, making them come back every year.

When it comes to the popular tourist attractions of this resort, the long working harbor is the focal point for many visitors. It has everything, offering an amazing array of restaurants, and sandy alcoves. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking to spend an entire day under the sunshine. Los Cristianos’s most popular beach is Playa de las Americas, a fantastic man made beach containing golden sand, which is being imported rightfrom Sahara. As Playa de las Americas is right there, a lot of visitors can have greater number of opportunities of visiting the stunning surroundings of Tenerife during their visit.

For all night-fun enthusiasts, there is a lot of stuff to do for all of them. You can go and enjoy your night at pubs, nightclubs, and bars. However, all of those who are craving to get most out of the night, spirit Playa de las Americas is definitely the place they should head to. There are a number of awaiting taxis, offering transportation service between two resorts. People looking for more of a tranquilize experience can benefit from the numerous quality restaurants across the resort, offering almost everything from traditional gastronomy to international favorites. No matter what kind of meal you are planning to have, you can get everything that you desire. Even if you want a quick snack, or prolific evening meal, you can get anything you need.

It does not matter if you intend on going to a family holiday trip, or a causal vocational visit with friends to Los Cristianos, you would have no complains regarding the variety of different attractions and fun activities that are on offer. With so much to do there, you would be met with something new every day. Los Cristianos is the perfect choice for all those who are looking to have a visit to a number one holiday resort.


Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is the capital of the island of Tenerife and is situated in the north east part of the island. It is a city that is the real hub of the Canary Islands and is a main stop off point for cruise ships that are visiting the area. The city is full of life with a whole host of things to see and do no matter your age and some of those things are listed below.

It should be said that, when you first arrive in the city, you are best to consider going on one of the bus tours that take you around the city. The guides will point out the main areas of interest and you can then work out which areas you may want to explore in the future.

The city manages to strike a balance between being cosmopolitan enough for people whilst still able to offer some amazing beaches to just relax on in the good weather. However, there is more to do than just trying to top up your tan as there are a range of attractions as well as some great shopping areas that are worth exploring.

With regards to the beach then perhaps the most famous one, and the best, is Playa de Las Teresitas which you can find just outside Santa Cruz. You will find a beach of golden sand with clear water and a range of sunbeds and places for refreshments and there is enough space to play some games and keep the children entertained as well.

For landmarks then you will be able to explore things such as the Auditorio de Tenerife, the Church of the Immaculate Conception, or the Santa Cruz Towers. If you are interested in history and culture then it will be worth paying a trip to the Museum of Nature and Man, which has a number of mummies, or visit the Tenerife Space of Arts. This building has a number of museums covering contemporary museums and photography as well as a plaza, shops and somewhere to eat.

The main park area of Santa Cruz is Parque Garcia Sanabria which combines a range of gardens, fountains and a range of architecture. If you want to just get away from the noise of the city then this is certainly the ideal place.

For shopping you are able to buy a range of international brands at low prices in areas such as Plaza de la Candelaria although there are a number of shops around the entire city. For nightlife consider going to Antonio Dominguez Alfonso where you will find a number of bars and restaurants or if you are looking for nightclubs then the area known as Industrial Mayorazgo is the place to go.

One final thing to mention is that if you are able to go in February or March then you may be in time for one of the biggest, and most famous carnivals in the world. The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is an amazing spectacle and if you cannot afford to go to the one in Rio then this is perhaps the next best thing.

So you can see that Santa Cruz does indeed have a number of things for you to spend your time doing and only a few of them have actually been mentioned here. You will be able to keep yourself busy no matter what the weather is and there are a number of different activities for families as well as couples so there is no reason for you to be bored during your stay.

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